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The image on the right is a stock unused cover, middle is a week old Pickle Protector, and on the left is Brand New

2012 - 2020 Arctic Cat & Yamaha Trail Sled Chain Case Shield

The Details

Dubbed as the Pickle Protector!! 

And it is, what it is!! 

Available and Shipping Daily, 

2012-2020 Arctic Cat & Yamaha Shared Chassis, Chain Case Protector!!  

Stealth Design, CNC Cut Aircraft Aluminum, Billet Chain case Guard.

Directly Replaces Insufficient "Factory" plastic Guard.

Very easy install, or have your dealer take care of it! 

One Ding is all it takes and your new sled is a leaky sled!!!!   Simultaneously stiffen chassis!!!!

It's An absolute No Brainer!!!!

Help Prevent bearing issues from chain case distortion!!!!


This item is intended to provide a more sturdy barrier between the trail and your chain case. 

**** off trail riding can put your sled at risk 10 fold!!!******

FACT* The chain case is made of Magnesium.  Magnesium is very prone to changing its shape ever so slightly upon impact. 


"The Chain-case is made of lightweight magnesium and is very prone to distortion upon the slightest impact"

Pickle Protector 3.0

2012-2020 Arctic Cat & Yamaha Trail Sled Chain Case Shield

Arctic Cat & Yamaha Billet Snowmobile Snowmachine chassis stabilizer &  Chain Case Protector

Fact...The “chain-case” is not protected properly on all Yamaha & shared Arctic Cat chassis Snowmobiles

More and more, sleds are pouring into dealers with chain-case related malfunctions occurring from a wide variety of riders. Heavy and weekend riders alike are bringing in faulty or broken chain-cases at an alarming rate...Pickle Protectors are becoming an ever popular choice in dealing with these faulty chain-case issues!

Designed as a direct replacement part, “The Pickle Protector” has been developed to reduce the growing amount of chain-case trauma related issues. It also doubles as reinforcement for the floor board area. Made from high quality 6061 aluminum, this multi-functioning part weighs only 12 ounces, includes all hardware to assemble and a sticker. The Pickle Protector is available at select dealers, or online for purchase! 100% made in the USA, on all USA made machinery! 

5 Axis CNC Cut 6061 T6 Aluminum

Some Pickle Production

A much more robust alternative to the stock plastic cover, the pickle protector will give you the security to traverse over any obstacle without worrying about the chain case. Once installed you will immediately see more rigidity in the floor board!   

To order direct Please contact us directly,  we will invoice you depending on your location. or call us 


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The Detials

Pickle Protector installed on the belly of an Arctic Cat

Custom Engraving, Anodizing, Private Labeling available, Cerakote

The chain case is fully serviceable with pickle installed and will save you money in the end.

Item Ships with all needed hardware for the job. 


  • 2 Rivets .1875 
  • 3 1/4" Stainless Button Head screws
  • 3 Stainless Lock Washers
  • ​Redstar Pickle Sticker

Install Requires:

  • Drill & Drill Bits *Uni-Bit Preffered*
  • Rivet Gun
  • An hour for a skilled technician 
  • Allen key​

Directions are not included, This is a skill Level 2 Project. If you do not understand without instructions, Please employ your local mechanic, fabricator, machine shop, Dealer for help.